The Five Strangest Pre-Workout Supplement Side Effects, Explained By Science

What is a pre-workout supplement?

Pre workouts supplements have gained fame these days. They are a combination of different energy boosters ingredients taken before exercise to gain energy for the exercise, build muscles and burn fat rapidly. These may be helpful instantly but prove to be harmful in the long run. If you are one of those taking these supplements must have felt the side effects for instance headaches, stomachaches or itchiness. Following are the side effects associated with these supplements.

What is the reason behind Headaches?

When you intake a formula having vasodilator, it expands the blood vessels creating headaches. This vasodilator opens up the closed vascular beds so that more nutrients are taken in and more waste products released. But in the case of headaches conditions can get bad, so we’ll have to stop taking that.

Why does pre-workout effect sleeping?

Pre-workout supplements contain a lot of caffeine supplements. We are all aware of the fact that caffeine stays in your body for six hours after the last intake. Some people have slow metabolism system, so caffeine gets digested slowly. When we are taking these supplements containing caffeine, as the sleeping time comes the caffeine refrains you from sleeping resulting in sleep disturbance. So instead of gaining healthy, you start getting tired.

Why do hands and feet tingle?

There are two ingredients present in the workout supplement that are responsible for tingling in hands and feet. They are

1) Beta alanine

It speeds up fat burning however it is also responsible for tingling.

2) Niacin

This ingredient is responsible for the flush. It causes a red itchy skin. People feel that this ingredient, when combined with caffeine, has a, really different effect. But scientifically it slows fat burning so you should be avoided. It should not be included in a pre-workout supplement.

Reasons of diarrhea

The formula for pre-workout has powder to be mixed with water. Sometimes the prescription states to mix for, e.g., eight ounces of water which is not enough to make formula the result is a thick paste. When you intake that thick paste, your body drags water from cells to create an exact proportion of water and powder. When water is dragged from intestinal walls open spaces of intestine are flooded due to osmosis. Eventually, so much water in intestine causes diarrhea. However, this problem can be resolved by mixing appropriate amounts of water and powder before taking the formula. We need to mix appropriate amounts of water and powder to prevent diarrhea


It happens either because of lack of water as is the case of diarrhea or there is some component which is not suitable for you. The solution is that we can add more water. On the other hand, we can check the ingredients that suit us.


Pre workout supplements are important but we ha e to choose the ones that suit us. Otherwise, we might get any of the problems mentioned above. The result is that we carefully need to examine.

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