Ten Ways You Can Drink More Water

Water is one of the essential part of our daily life. Most of the human body is made up of water like almost 75% of human contains water, and most of the people don’t meet the daily requirements of our daily intake of water. The importance of water can be determined by the fact that blood, saliva, urine, gastric juice, organs all require water. The transportation of food, minerals, and enzymes etc. are all possible only because of water.

  1. First of all, we have to know that how much water does our body needs and how can we meet those requirements. Intake of water is different for different individuals like it depends on gender, age, temperature, and body composition. Urine is the best indicator which can help you when your body needs more water, dark colored urine means your body needs more water and the texture of your skin, dryness of mouth are also good ways to figure out the water intake. The daily requirement of a normal adult varies from 2.7 to 3.9 liters depending on gender and temperature.
  2. Water can be taken from many different resources like fruits, vegetables, juices and many other. So try to add high water content food to your diet to meet the daily requirement of the body. Vegetables like radish, lettuce, and carrots are high in water, and fruits like orange, apple, watermelon have high water in them too.
  3. Try a different approach like fill up two bottles of a liter and try to consume them till the end of the day that’s how you can find out your need of water.
  4. Fill a glass of water with every meal and try to drink it before leaving the table. As water is one of the main component that helps in digestion.
  5. According to many people the consume more water when fizz is added, like carbonated water so try soda steam to make it sparkled.
  6. Fill up four water bottles in every morning and try to finish them before reaching home. Like drink water everywhere at school, gym, work, home, etc. Make a habit of it.
  7. Add ice cube in fluids like juices, cold coffee, milkshake this will provide you some of the water in its pure form.
  8. If you consume caffeine drinks like coffee and tea make sure to drink a glass of water in between your drinks that will help you to maintain the water level of the body and keep you fresh.
  9. The temperature of the water can help you to consume more water according to the preference like some people prefer to have cold water and some of them warm, so the water temperature of your choice can be really helpful in water intake.
  10. Add some things of your choice in the water to give it a flavor like mint, lime, lemon, cucumber, basil, fruits in it. Put some mint leaves in the water or cucumber to make it a fresh flavor or put a slice of lemon in it. Try a different flavor every day, find the best flavor of your choice. Fruit extracts like orange can help you drink more water.
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